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Explaining OneDrive Sync Icons

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OneDrive is a great tool for making sure you can access your files wherever you want. However it can sometimes be confusing to know what OneDrive is doing! Is it uploading? Downloading? What does the cloud mean!? 
Below is a nice friendly explanation to help understand what these symbols mean!

Files and folders statuses

  • White cloud with blue borders icon — Indicates the file is only available with an internet connection, and it's not using space on the hard drive. You'll need to double-click the file to finish the download and open it with an app.
  • White icon with green borders and checkmark icon — File is available offline, you can open them without an internet connection, and they're taking up local storage space on the hard drive.
  • Solid green with white checkmark icon — Indicates that you're using the "Always keep on this device" option to ensure important files are available offline.
  • Solid red with white X icon — It's an alert when there's a problem trying to sync a particular folder or file.
  • Cloud icon with arrows forming a circle — Indicates a file is currently syncing. The file will not be available elsewhere until this symbol turns into a green tick or blue cloud!


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