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Limehurst Academy hosts an advanced Phone System. With this, the ability for staff to phone via laptops exists. 
Please follow the these steps to login to the phone system via My Portal At Work. 

1. Download and install the software via the Company Portal.

2. Open the app, this will be available via the start menu.

3. Fill in the "User name" and "Password" details provided to you by IT Services & click "Login".
3.1. Please put in the "WAN Server address:Port" box.
3.2. Please put in the "LAN Server address:Port" box.

4. Now that you have logged in, we need to enable VoIP. Click the icon in the top right and then click "Settings". On the "Settings" page then click "VoIP".
Click the slider next to "VoIP enabled"
It should look like above.

5. To dial out, simply put the number without a leading "9" in the right hand box and press enter, the system will then dial out.
example number: 01509220600 NOT 901509220600 

5.1. If you are using a headset, you will need to change your audio settings, please see below where this is. Simply click the device you are using to make the call. 

i) You may notice that the app stays on-top of every other app. If you wish to minimise the app, please use the icon demonstrated in the below picture.

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