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SIMS fails to load report or shows information from previous report

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In some situations, reports run from SIMS may behave oddly such as loading information from a previous report rather than the selected report, or receiving errors in Word or Excel when opening, similar to the following image:
This is due to OneDrive's interoperability with MS Office, forcing MS Office applications to connect to the online version of files in the user's documents folder (online location) instead of the files on disk (physical/local location).
This causes an issue for macros inside the templates SIMS uses. The report will attempt to access the user’s tempSimsRpt folder to get the data needed to compile the report, however instead of being able to access the local version (C:\Users\<username>\Documents\tempSimsRpt) it will instead be passed an online location (https://<School-Name><user
folder>/documents/tempSimsrpt) which the macros are unable to handle.

The way round this is to disable this interoperability which will then allow the macros to work as expected. To do this first open OneDrive and go to Settings:
Once in Settings, go to the Office tab and uncheck the tick box "Use Office applications to sync Office files that I open":

Once unchecked, close any Word/Excel windows and re-run the report. This should now output correctly.

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